Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh boy

By Libby

If this post catches the wind, Shaun is going to get buried from all that stuff flying off the fan. Brave guy. Hell, I'm afraid to even quote it but I'm linking to it because I know he's not sexist. I think it says something about the levels of anger being generated by this prolonged primary that drives him to use such language.

And cruising more bloggers who speak in unguarded language, Hart Williams knows a cross-burning racist teevee station when he sees one. Interesting point that ABC started this smear campaign and never once gave the Rev. Wright a chance to defend himself.

Meanwhile, Dan at Pruning Shears cuts through the Pentagon PR machine and gets to the essence of what laughably is called civilian leadership there.

The “chickenhawk” epithet has some validity in the following sense: Those who advocate forcefully for war without having participated in one up close may be fairly questioned on whether they regard the inevitable horrors (intended and otherwise) too lightly. I believe the lack of such experience among our civilian leaders - and indeed their affirmative action to avoid it - has led them to run the armed services with a shocking lack of empathy or humanity.

That's the part that always infuriates me. They treat living human beings like so many inanimate numbers. I continue to think a 15 month tour on IED duty would help the entire lot of desk jockeys inside the Pentagon find some humanity when it comes to moving our troops around the world as if they weren't doing anything more deadly than playing a friendly game of Risk.

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