Monday, June 25, 2007

For the President Every Day Is Christmas

President Bush and the First Lady just finished filming a gala holiday show at Ford's Theatre. A little early for the Fourth Of July, right? Well, maybe so, but this was a Christmas show filmed this past Sunday.
Country singer Wynonna opened the show by performing "Winter Wonderland" on a stage decorated with white lights, Christmas trees and a sleigh. She asked Bush if he had done his Christmas shopping yet.
Can you just imagine the panic that created for Mr. Bush.
"Do you know what you're planning on getting your beautiful wife?" Wynonna asked. "Whatever she wants, right?" The president's response was inaudible.
If it was like all of his other responses it was also unintelligible.

The annual benefit is held at the landmark theater where Lincoln was fatally shot in 1865.

"President Lincoln had a great appreciation for the performing arts," Bush said. "They offered relief amid the agonies of war, and he would likely be pleased that Ford's Theatre continues to bring together talented performers from across our country, including those with us tonight."

Mr. Bush has the distinction of being the second brain dead President attending a show at Ford's Theatre.

Other than that Mrs. Bush, how was the show?

Jim Martin

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Anonymous lester said...

that's so weird. are they going somewhere in december? I've never heard of filming a holiday show in june. It's dishonest!

1:42:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

Nothing is as it appears to be. I even understand it, to a point, but you could film it in early December. June is a little early.

2:02:00 PM  

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