Sunday, June 24, 2007

Malkin's malcontent on Iran

By Libby

I woke up a little nauseous this morning, so I haven't been able to force myself to actually read the post, but I see that Michelle Malkin has got her shreik on over the latest atrocity in Iran. Apparently, the government is conducting its annual street sweep of dirty fucking hippies and doing all kinds of ugly things to the young Iranians who dare to flout the dress code.

Malkin is demanding "Rosie O'Donnell and her ilk" answer for this outrage. Well, not being a television watcher, I barely know who Rosie is, much less why she should be anointed spokesmouth of the left, but on the off chance that I'm one of her ilk, let me state for the record that I'm against oppression, torture and general malfaesance no matter which government is perpetrating the atrocities. And that includes my own, which our little concern troll Ms. Malkin always seems to conveniently ignore herself.

I'm with Joe Gandleman, where I saw it first, and with Cernig who adds the wonkish context. He's forgotten more about Iran than I've ever known. If you follow those links you can get to the photos, which I just don't have the stomach for today. I'm against this sort of thing.

But the point is, we know that Iran's president is a nutcake. We know the Islamic extremists who run the government are dangerous. But so is Malkin's transparent attempt to single out this incident in order to lay the groundwork for public acceptance of a future airstrike against Tehran. No matter how you spin it, Iran is not the biggest boogeyman on the block. If we're going to get all screechy about human rights and the dangers of nuclear proliferation, we should be looking at Pakistan, where they're building nuclear reactors faster than we can track them and are also harboring al-Qaeda and where Musharaf is shamelessly oppressing his people.

In any event, what's happening in Tehran today is really awful and I condemn it soundly. That doesn't mean I'm ever going to support killing Iranians in addle-brained air strikes or taking any other dunderheaded military action in order to "liberate" them from their insane government. It didn't work in Iraq and it's not ever going to work, anywhere.

If Malkin wants to work herself up into a froth over oppressive government practices, I'd suggest to keep her perky little nose out of the Middle East and start sniffing around DC. There's plenty to be outraged about right here in America without going abroad to look for trouble.

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Anonymous lester said...

as much as I enjoyed her cheerleading video, by 2007 the grace period for understanding stuff like "blowback" and how bellicose rhetoric empowers dictators is over. It's not left or right, if you are for fucking with oil rich muslims countires you are part of the problem.

12:48:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Welcome aboard Lester.

1:26:00 PM  

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