Friday, April 20, 2007

Not Standing Up, Not Stepping Down

President Bush has said it over and over.

"Our strategy can be summed up this way," Bush said. "As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down."
Well, so much for that. On to plan B, oops there's no "Plan B" is there. Of course, to call the "surge" Plan A is pretty disingenuous anyway. Aren't we up to like Plan F? Slate has it down in detail.

But defining the current surge as a "Plan A" is a dangerously dishonest move that ignores the history of the Iraq war to date. In fact, since 2003, we have run through at least six plans, none of which has succeeded. The Petraeus plan is something more akin to Plan F—truly, the last Hail Mary play in the fourth quarter. And if it fails, then we better start considering Plan G, also known as "Get out of Iraq."

The biggest threat to our troops is the incredible incompetence of George Bush.
When Bush stands up maybe our troops can step down.

Jim M


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