Saturday, October 07, 2006

Will Abramoff take down Rove and the GOP?

This could be big. Brent Budowsky in an op-ed at BuzzFlash picks up a bombshell out of the Friday news dump. In an unprecedented move, Rove's chief deputy, Susan Ralston has resigned in the midst of scandal and on the eve of a major election. You remember of course, that Susie worked for Abramoff before he "gave" her to Karl. Could it be that Abramoff, whose contacts with the White House are now numbered in the 400s, is offering up some prime sacrifical lambs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Brent has been a Beltway insider for decades and he thinks the signs point to a major scandal breaking out of the Abramoff corruption case before November. I hope he's right. What we need to protect the vote is a public approval rating that is low enough that the GOP can't get away with stealing the election by manipulating the tallies.

UPDATE: The WaPo has more on what forced Ralston's resignation. It appears she accepted pricey gifts from Jack while passing on inside information to him. It appears she fell on the sword to spare Rove and save her own shapely ass. The investigation into her conduct has been closed on the assumption that her resignation makes it moot. Gotta love that logic. Criminal conduct is only criminal if you take a salary? Of course, we are talking about the White House. That is the standard M.O., first priority being to disappear and drop out of the news cycle.

And once again, it will keep Rove out of the spotlight as it's hard to believe he didn't know about it, when recently released emails between Susie and Jack, mention Karl and there's well over a hundred documented interactions either between them, or involving Jack's various scams.
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Anonymous lester said...

whoah. I was looking for porn and got sent here via your "shapely ass" remark. small world

note: my word for verification "zemuckta"!

6:48:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Lester. Is that true? Love the word. It sounds like it's Yiddish for - "you see what happens when you look for porn?"

8:13:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

No believe me there are about 6,000,000,000 sites that would come up first.

speaking of big numbers, I was trying to put together a list of bush scandals here are the a's

jack abramoff
claude Allen
Against All Enemies
Al qaqa Munitions dump
General Abizaid
Armstrong Williams

could take a long time to finish this list

2:58:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Lester. I thought it was a joke. Damn good one. As for the list, what an ambitious project. Please send it to me if you ever finish it. I'll post it.

4:48:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

still working on the a's:

alabama national guard
Ahmed Chalabi
Abu Graib

5:11:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Should Chalabi be in the C's?

8:50:00 PM  

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