Sunday, September 03, 2006

FBI creating straw men terrorists?

I can't remember what unfortunate news the White House wanted to knock off the front page when they busted the "terrorist ring" in Florida but now that the details are emerging from the court case it appears clear that the FBI created the threat themselves in order to make the bust. These hapless "jihadists" had about as much chance of pulling off a terrorist act as I do of winning the Powerball this week -- about none. I mean how seriously are we to take a bunch of brash young guys whose plan is to blow up the Sears Tower, use the confusion to spring a bunch of Muslims from a nearby prison and expects to use the combined forces of 10,000 inmates to "form an army powerful enough to force the U.S. government to recognize their kingdom of the 'Sovereign Moors?'"

The fine line between a sting and entrapment was unequivocally crossed the moment the informants started equipping the big talking, no action "terror cell." Not to mention it was the fairly well paid informants who were directing them to their "targets." And you have to love this part.
When bin Laden issued a public statement saying that al-Qaeda would soon strike in the United States, the informant passed word to Batiste [the alleged ringleader] that it was a reference to the missions he was planning.
I've always wondered about these conveniently timed bin Laden statements. They always occur at such an opportune moment for the White House. You have to wonder if they're real or if they're manufactured to further a sting such as this.

Update: The indispensible BuzzFlash remembers everything. This bust was the diversion for the explosive debate on withdrawing troops from Iraq, scheduled in the Senate for the next day.
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Anonymous romunov said...

Similar thing appears to be the 7/7 bombing and the recent airline bust "hoax".

5:45:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

There does seem to be a pattern to these things, Romunov. I only hope our "October surprise" is not a shiny new war with Iran. They're going to be pretty desperate by then.

11:11:00 PM  

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