Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off night

I'm back on the rotation and I'm either having a bad reaction to the new meds or I'm coming down with something ugly so I'm going to bed and I expect to be back tomorrow.
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Anonymous lester said...

hope you feel better. Meanwhile enjoy "This day in iraq war history ! "
13 die in Iraq suicide attack june 21 05

ARBIL (Iraq), June 20: A suicide bomber killed 13 Iraqi traffic police on Monday when he rammed an explosives-packed car into them on a sports field in the Kurdish city of Arbil. Ansar al Sunna, an extremist group linked to the Al Qaeda network, said in an Internet statement it had killed a Japanese contractor in Iraq and six of his Iraqi guards.

The statement said Al Sunna fighters had ambushed a convoy as it was leaving the Al Walid military base near Ramadi.

One of the wounded in the Arbil attack said the bomber, dressed as a policeman, had driven a red Chevrolet on to the field where around 160 policemen were exercising.

Elsewhere in the north, 15 people were killed in several attacks, including a Kurdish official and his three bodyguards.

In Baghdad, five policemen were killed as they went to help US forces fighting guerillas in the Al Bayaa district.

At the Baghdad International Airport, a suicide car bomber killed one person and wounded two others.—AFP

Iraq Leader Says Army Will Target Insurgents
Prime Minister Outlines Reorganization of Forces

By Edward Cody
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, June 21, 2004; Page A01

BAGHDAD, June 20 -- The interim Iraqi prime minister announced a reorganization of the country's fledgling security forces Sunday and declared that all of Iraq's military resources, including the army, will be used to combat anti-U.S. insurgents, whom he denounced as "enemies of God and the people."


New rebel group vows to keep attacking US forces

June 21 2003
Sydney Morning Herald

A previously unknown group, the National Front of Fedayeen, vowed today to keep attacking US soldiers in Iraq until the occupying forces leave the country.

A man, his face hidden in a chequered red-and-white headscarf, delivered the warning to US President George W "Bush and his henchmen" in a videotaped message broadcast on Lebanon's LBCI satellite channel.

But he strongly denied any links to the regime of ousted Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein.

Three young men, also masked, stood behind him, gripping rocket-propelled grenades during the 90-second message.

"We swear to deliver one strike after another in retaliation for the terrorist and inflammatory acts carried out by their barbarous forces, including arbitrary killings and various humiliations of the population," the man said, reading from a statement.

"Before God, we are committed to strike them even harder and more cruelly than in previous attacks," he said.

"Also, we tell them if they wish that their soldiers are healthy and safe they must immediately leave our pure land, otherwise we will avenge every Iraqi who has been killed, humiliated, or whose house has been robbed," the masked spokesman said.

"The Iraqis have returned from your great lie to free Iraq."

The fiery message came after three US soldiers were killed in guerrilla attacks this week, including a rocket attack yesterday, a drive-by shooting on Wednesday and a sniper attack on Monday.

Other groups have stepped out of the shadows this week to take credit for the hit-run attacks that have bedevilled US forces since they ousted Saddam in April.

One faction calling itself the Iraqi Resistance Brigades claimed responsibility for "all" attacks against US-led occupation forces in Iraq, in a statement read on the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera news channel.

Coalition forces have blamed diehard Hussein loyalists for the repeated attacks on US troops in Sunni-populated regions extending from Baghdad to the north and west of the country that have prompted the US army to launch major operations to root out resistance.

A total of 52 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq - 16 of them in attacks - since US President George Bush declared the war there effectively over on May 1, according to an AFP count from US military statements.


pretty inspirational huh?

3:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Thanks Lester. For the good wishes and the links since I didn't get to the news last night. How entirely sad.

7:30:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

You could change the the dates around and it wouldn't make much difference. in fact you could change the dates to 2007, 8 , and 9 and they will probably come true.

10:43:00 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

How true, Lester, and sad.

12:27:00 PM  

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