Saturday, May 27, 2006

Should they stay or should they go now?

Well we've been sold out by the Democrats in the Senate again on hare brained nominations. Hayden was confirmed by 78-15 vote. WTF? Couldn't the Democrats at least have registered a unified protest vote against him, even if they obviously didn't have the balls to make the NSA an issue -- no doubt because it didn't poll above immigration and gas prices?

Meanwhile partisan hack and Ken Starr lackey, Brett Kavanaugh, was seated on the bench of the DC Court of Appeals by a 57-36 vote. It's so infuriatingly cowardly. This is the guy they blocked for three years and now, when the GOP and Bush's ratings are in the dumper, they can't manage to block him because they read somewhere that the GOP predicted a fight over judicial nominations will energize their base?

What a bunch of idiots. Instead of taking the opportunity to show some gravitas and some serious attention to the hijacking of America by these fringe lunatics, the Dems jump onto the ledge to commit mass suicide over the raiding of Jefferson's office. That may be a matter of concern but no more so than the packing of the courts with ideologues and theologists instead of qualified jurists.

The fools don't realize they're signing their own death certificate by failing to address the business of the people while they're wailing about separation of powers. Hell, we've been pleading with them to do something about that for four years and they don't get concerned until it involves the sanctity of their own privacy? Even if they're not guilty of bribery, it makes them look guilty and self-interested. And frankly, I don't doubt for a minute that mostly everyone with more than three terms is guilty as hell.

Leaving that for the courts and the investigators, Left Coaster has the list of the bums that have got to go based on the NSA vote. I've had it with this party. If they're going to vote like Republicans I'm not going to vote for them and I hope no one else does either. Whatever happens -- happens. It would be worth it to send a message.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the people of the US elected a republican president and republican legistlatures. We can't just block everything they do. If Hayden tries anything stupid, they'll do what they did to Goss, whatever that was. thigs will work themselves out.

That said, I would love it if more people voted libertarian. and if senators stopped talking in that senatorial style when they are not in the actual senate.

6:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Elected is a nebulous concept when you're dealing with Diebold machines Lester. The evidence is still being compiled but it looks very much like the GOP victory of 04 was a fraud.

Nonetheless, we have no other recourse but to fight them until we can unelect them which isn't going to happen until we all band together on both sides of the aisle and insist on verified voting.

In my mind, I don't mind losing a fair fight but until we can verify the vote, it's impossible to say what the will of the people really is.

12:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

libby - to get the championship belt you have to win by a knock out. if kerry had been a better candidate no amount of diebolding could have helped Bush

2:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

At last, a point of agreement. Kerry was a total sucky candidate, so much so that I spent months blogging the 04 election and barely did five posts on Kerry. It was all Anybody but Bush, all the time with me. We had nothing but I knew that we needed to block Bush or we would end up exactly where we are today. One foot through the door of a police state.

And therein lies the crux of the problem for 08 and 06 too. The Dems aren't fielding anybody worth a damn either. They're all crooked. I'm pushing Libertarians despite some strong reservations about their attitude towards big business.

As far as the presidential, I think it's suicide to put up Hillary. Kerry would be a very bad joke. John Edwards carries too much of Kerry's taint and much as I like Al Gore, I think it would be a mistake to run him.

The only candidate I've liked enough to work for has been Robert Reich, Clinton's former cabinet member, when he ran for MA governor. I wish he wasn't so little. Tiny little guy with a really big brain.

5:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the libertarians on big business. Whether it's enron or dubai ports, they seem terrified that really rich people will have slightly less money and therefore be offended by the human race.

I think kerry's problem is the US seate. It fosters that weird loud kind of speech-talking "mr president.." Hillary has a touch of it too. They should just do i like they do in England with shouting and debates.

But I think Clinton could win especially if she has Clark as VP. and I think they'd do an ecxellent job by and large. I think Clarke would reign in her hawkish tendencies on the middle east. Maybe she could leave bill and her and wesly could get together!!!

9:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Clinton has got too much baggage from Bill. She simply can't be a consensus candidate and a woman for president isn't going to work right now. Too many traditionalists. Any known candidate out of DC carries the taint of corruption and a do nothing Congress. The Dems did jack and people are just realizing that the GOP did jack for them.

What the Dems need is a fresh face with some charisma and some real brains. Good luck finding one, but it won't be inside the Beltway I don't think.

7:06:00 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Anonymous, I loved your comment that libertarians "seem terrified that really rich people will have slightly less money and therefore be offended by the human race." Great assessment.

I'd like to see someone like Barack Obama run for president. I don't think he has a chance this time around because he lacks time in office and exposure, but he definitely has the charisma and down-to-earth qualities that average Americans seem to identify with.

12:13:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

If the republicans run mitt romney they could win, but they will run George Allen and lose. Because he is a loser.

BUt i wouldn't underestimate Hillary. It's almost like an understood thing she's going to be the next president. this is whatI find alot of regular people are saying, (as opposed to political junkie people.)

It's like a karmic punishment for republicans: the woman they hate the most is destined to be president. She is ahead in all these polls and she's never even expressed interest in running. though it's obviously implied.

The fact is, it's their fault. rush limbaugh and co. made her a household name by talking about her every day for 8 years. How much does Al franken or stephanie miller talk about laura bush? never. because they have way too much material to get to first!

2:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Hillary could take the nomination but I don't think she can win the race. I liked Obama for a while but he's made some dicey votes along the way.

Romney may well end up as the GOP choice. He's got the cash, the looks and the creds. He'd a disaster for the country but unless they run Hillary, I don't think he can win. He's got that Mormon thing going against him.

8:34:00 PM  
Anonymous lester said...

I live in MA. romney's okay. He's kind of like a republican Al Gore. very very smart.

7:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Romney is smart but he's a slimeball. I doubt he would get reelected again as governor but I have to admit I haven't followed MA politics much since I left. I'm more a national beat kind of girl.

3:07:00 PM  

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