Monday, March 27, 2006

The Rat serves up the big cheese

Well I was just saying that we haven't heard a peep out of Rove in a long time and he pops up in the news. Raw Story has a scoop. Inside and obviously unnamed sources say Rove has been the very soul of cooperation with Pat Fitzgerald's investigation, eagerly leaving a trail of crumbs that lead straight into Cheney's office. Karl has been naming names and dates to help our good special prosecutor resurrect all those 250 "missing" emails that were "discovered" in the back-up server.

Even more delicious is that Al Gonazles may go down with that rat infested ship. All those deleted emails and the mysterious 12 hour delay between receiving and relaying the order from Justice to turn over records will require some mighty tortured explanations to keep the AG out of the defendant's chair.

The bigger question is will Rove skate again? Luskin of course, denies everything saying his client did not make a deal and is cooperating simply because he's a good and patriotic American. But, as Raw Story points out, "according to last week's New York Times, associates say Rove is 'increasingly certain' he will not be indicted in the case."

Although I've always expected it, I have to admit I'll be a little disappointed if Karl doesn't do the frogwalk with the rest of the rodents in the White House, but it will worth it to see Cheney go down.
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Blogger mikevotes said...

This is so juicy. It fits so many facts, though. Rove's 11th hour save from indictment when Libby went down, the seeming release of pressure depite the fact that Fitzgerald had him dead to rights on obstruction and perjury, the sudden appearance of the emails.

I don't think Fitzgerald deals Rove unless he either gets Cheney or somebody else doing something really really bad.


11:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Isn't it tasty? There's been so much speculation and rumors running around this case, but this feels real to me as well.

6:54:00 PM  

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