Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rove won't roll

Didn't I just say yesterday that we haven't heard from Fitzgerald for a long time? Well, here's a timely update from Truthout. Fitzgerald is quietly working away at the case and although Luskin denies his client is a target of the investigation, insiders say Rove has already turned down a plea deal. One supposes The Lord of the Lies is hoping to brazen his way through as he always has in the past. And as The Left Coaster points out, Rove will never roll on his higher ups when he knows Bush would pardon him in a heartbeat.

Probably the only way to make sure he pays for his crimes if Fitz manages to indict him, is to impeach Bush first.
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Anonymous The Amazing Kreskin said...

This, I think, is a Fitztactic.

They start by rolling up a few charges they're not sure will stick, just to get him sweating. When Karl talks to his lawyer, they decide they can chance it, thinking they dodged a bullet and maybe can bluff it out.

THEN Fitz drops a bomb on them - the stuff he knows will stick and stick hard. Karl has his SECOND heart attack moment and caves in like an oatmeal carton under an elephant's foot, KNOWING that he's truly fucked if he doesn't play ball.

4:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Libby said...

Who am I to argue with the Amazing Kreskin and his superior mind-reading abilities? I'm willing to believe you're right. I like your theory better than mine.

PS: I think clairvoyance must be contagious. I just figured out who the articulate anon was. Great writing.

11:26:00 AM  

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