Monday, January 23, 2006

Professionals quietly leaving Iraq in droves

This says it all about how much we've liberated the Iraqis. Anybody with the cash is getting out of Baghdad and fast. That would be your professional class, the doctors, lawyers and businessmen. The university students will be soon to follow.
"Of course I would leave if I could," said Ihana Nabil, 22, who will soon graduate from Baghdad University with a degree in political science. "There's no peace, no stability and no jobs here," she said. Other students at the campus, a temporary oasis in a violent city, agreed.
Fat lot of good it did the Iraqis to be freed from Saddam, only to be plunged into chaos. The only jobs for the unskilled are apparently kidnapping and robbery. Those leaving say it's not an easy choice to start over in another country but then again, enduring an home invasion is a big help in making up your mind.
"I've been through four wars. I never, never felt like leaving before," Um Mustafa said. "Now, life in Iraq has become unsafe. I don't feel safe in my own bedroom -- or in the whole country."
That's apparently enough to trade "a good job, money, a house, car and servants" for life as an exile. Can't say I blame them.

Of course this could all work out pretty well for the "reconstruction plan." Hell of lot easier for the western mega-corps to take over the industries if none of Iraq's indigineous business leaders are left to compete for control.
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Blogger Drew said...

Not surprisingly, this sort of thing has been happening in American, in cities like New Orleans and Detroit for years. White flight is just the next step in the democratization of Iraq.

12:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

So I've noticed. I've been reading lately on how the divisions between the social classes are getting more pronounced. Just like the good ole USofA.

9:47:00 PM  

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