Saturday, January 07, 2006

Buzz of the blogosphere

This is what the big boys and girls will be talking about today.

Bremer admits the White House was clueless about the insurgency. Never saw it coming.

The culpable cover their butts. Frist leads the way on lobbyist "reforms." Apparently we don't have enough rules already to prevent these guys from taking bribes.

I think we need an investigation into who the eleven U.S. government officials are that leaked this classified information to the wingnuts, "proving" that Saddam did too have terrorist training camps. I've got a Kennedy half dollar that says you won't hear any calls coming from that camp asking for one, while they remain outraged at the whistleblowers who are exposing White House malfeasance.

Extra armor could have saved many lives in Iraq. So could have, other proper equipment. The Pentagon is working on it. Hell, it's only been three years.

The Congressional Research Service says Bush is full of sh*t and his "war powers" exist only in his twisted little mind.

This is probably why Delay is giving up on holding onto his former job as Majority leader. We haven't heard much about him lately, but it looks like he'll be sucked into all the corruption scandals.
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Blogger Kathy said...

I think this is the money quote from Bremer:

Asked if he believes he did everything he could do in Iraq, Bremer replied, "I believe I did everything I could do. ... The president, in the end, is responsible for making decisions," the network reported.

Gee, do you think Bush will own up to that responsibility and resign?

3:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

I wouldn't bet the farm on it Kathy.

4:44:00 PM  
Blogger thehim said...

I wouldn't bet a quarter on it.

12:50:00 AM  

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