Saturday, December 31, 2005

The road less taken

I'm working through the holiday so posts will be mostly random link as you go during the day. I'm trying to catch up on some blogs I haven't been linking to enough lately.

Acoustic Dad has a whole series of posts on the flora and fauna of the Australian outback - at least I think that's what you might call the mountains there. He's got some stunning photos and reminds me that what we call the wilderness in the US is kind of a joke compared to the "wilds" of Down Under. Just start at the top and scroll here and don't miss his insights on the politics back here in the "States."

I see ExPat Brian has followed me over to Gut Rumbles and become a fan of the Acidman. Or does he just go over there to see what I might blurt out next in comments? I'm probably more revealing there than I am on Last One Speaks, which is where I usually post on my personal life.

Scroll down at Brian's pad to see the latest in he and Pearly's handmade cribbage sets. If I ever put up a wish list, I'm going to wish they would make me one someday. And I loved the O Henry-esque Christmas present story. BTW, Brian, I would comment at your site once in a while but I can't unless you allow anon commenting. For some reason my registered name is my private email and you don't want that floating around in this age of robo-spam. I've tried to change it but it screws up the access to my blogs. Anyway, keep scrolling to see his latest Singapore travel tips and his views on US politics from the outside - looking back.

I don't get over to No Blood for Hubris nearly often enough because she's in the middle of my blogroll and whether I start from the the top or the bottom, I often burn out before I get there. She's got a couple of posts on topics I wanted to address and didn't get around to. Expanding on my current obsession with domestic spying, she has a a good post on just who is considered a terr'ist threat to this administration. She also took a swipe at Kathleen Parker's insipid piece that I wanted to blog about and didn't. The piece was so irritating but Hubris cut Parker down to size a lot better than I would have.

I don't link to Annie's Annuals nearly enough either. I have to move her into the politics section on the blogroll as it seems she's posting more political analysis these days, although it always worth a scroll through just to see what song is in her head today. And don't miss this interesting question. It's kind of a Buddhist koan in a Christian sort of way.

And speaking of Annies, it's been way too long since I linked to the charming and inimitable Anntelope. Hours of fun await you at her long standing website, East Village poetry.
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Blogger expatbrian said...

Hi Libby, Thanks for the plug. I'm gonna go ahead and allow anon's, at least until the spam gets overwhelming. As far as cribbage boards, I'm trying to think of something appropriate for the left leaning. Ideas are welcome.

On moving out of the US - I understand the frustrations, the obstacles, and more importantly the spirit to stay and fight the good fight. For me, I had the opportunity to move, and with all my family grown there was little keeping me there. Mine is one of the few, but growing, internet relationship success stories. Met Pearly in ICQ, chatted for 4 years or so, and came to live with her. So far, so good.
Keep up the good work.

1:58:00 AM  

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