Friday, November 25, 2005

"Christian" Network battles for control of public TV

This is how the religious right is taking over the dialogue. Rather than allow a California college to sell to a vendor of its choice who would keep the programming local, the largest Christian network, Daystar, upped their bid on the day after the bidding closed and then successfully sued in court to have their tardily revised bid for the college's radio station accepted. Daystar is more likely to air only national content and will almost certainly have less diverse programming.

This I think is how the religious extreme right have managed to get their will imposed in spite of their minority status among the population. They became the big businessmen of God instead of the poor preachers of the Gospel and with money comes influence. They use their money in thinly veiled political PACs and as the current SCOTUS battles illustrate, lobby for amenable judges at every level, who allow them dubious legal leeway in court rulings and elect legislators who ease regulatory safeguards designed to keep any one group from obtaining control of the media. This is how they corral their "base" and is why so many deluded souls still believe to this day there were WMDs in Iraq when we got there.
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