Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Surber & Miers, LLP

I've already said all I'm going to say about Miers. After Raich and Kelo I decided that trying to figure out what kind of justice a person is going to be is a fool's game. Nobody knows what a lifetime appointment of absolute power will do to a person for the most part, except perhaps in Harriet's case.

It's clear to me the only reason she was nominated was to keep Bush's butt out of the firestorm that the Plame investigation is about to unleash. George doesn't give a shit about anything but absolute loyalty to himself and judging from the cutesy hearts and flowers correspondence they've exchanged, he couldn't find a better suck-up than Harriet. She'll be George's Monica without the messy dress.

I can't deny I'm amused by the catacylsmic reaction among the Bush bloggers though. I'm incredulous at the endless railing among the punditocracy but I like seeing the noise machine falling apart. It's like watching a Warner Brothers cartoon, where the clock explodes and all the springs and gears pop out like fireworks.

I find it fascinating to see how it seems to be splintering between egoists, opportunists, loyalists and the prinicipled believers, but I've tired of wading through the endless rhetoric.

Bless Don Surber for doing the reading so I don't have to. He has the ultimate roundup of quotes and analysis if you're interested in the sociological aspects of this intercine imbroglio.
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