Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bono to Rick - With or without you

Well I'm sure glad to hear this. When I read Radley's post saying U2 was holding a benefit for Rick Santorum, I almost dropped my laptop. However, as Joe Trippi points out, Radley was a victim of misinformation. Unsurprisingly, not unlike the Creationists who deceitfully claimed the Smithsonian was sponsoring a propaganda benefit for them, when in truth they had only rented the hall, Newmax and Santorum lied about this upcoming benefit.
STATEMENT BY JAMIE DRUMMOND, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF DATA (debt AIDS trade Africa), THE AFRICA ADVOCACY GROUP CO-FOUNDED BY BONO: “Throughout the U2 tour, politicians from both sides have been organizing fundraisers at the venues or around specific shows. Neither DATA or Bono are involved in these and they cannot be controlled. The U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician - they are rock concerts for U2 fans.”

Trippi says, "As I have learned, it is a private luxary box at the arena and not an exclusive concert in the entire Wachovia Center in Philadelphia."
This is not unlike the Ahnuld selling tickets to his ill-gotten luxury box for the Boston Rolling Stones concert, for which incidentally, according to the comments at Joe's post, he only managed to sell one ticket. Santorum is tanking so badly at the polls that he may be lucky to sell that many. Could it be that the GOP is falling out of fashion?

We live in hope.
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Anonymous ks said...

I almost gagged when I read about Bono too, but then I figured Santorum must be planning on making a huge contribution to fight poverty (a girl can hope) and Bono decided the funds were worth doing the benefit. I should have known better, Santorum has been screwing the taxpayers of southwestern Pennsylvania for some time now - who are not the wealthiest people on the planet - so why would he change his spots now. Thanks for clearing this up.

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