Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Rambling Gleaner

Charles M. Madigan has a good column up at the Chicago Tribune on the myth of the liberal media. Ain't no such animal in the first place, he says, and stop blaming the media for the troubles we created ourselves in the second. As for himself, he sums it up in the closing.
So, liberal? No, that's wrong.

Pragmatist. That's what I am.

Come up with a health-care program that works, that provides benefits for all Americans, and I'm on board. Develop a realistic foreign policy that isn't going to drag people we love and cherish into war, and I'm with you.

Protect us realistically and effectively. It's not too much to ask.

Somehow, that has been translated into taking Swiss Army knives and other pointy things from folks at airports. We get cut to the very heart by terrorists and the government concludes Swiss Army knives are the problem.

Finally, because we live in a society, I want the best for everyone.

My own interests are best protected when the interests of my countrymen are well protected.

I don't think that is liberal. I don't think that is conservative.

I think that is practical and smart.

Hard to argue with that logic.
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Anonymous John Needham said...

Can I just tell you? I *love* my hometown newspaper (despite the conservative bent), and I've been enjoying Charlie Madigan's online columns since last fall.

Here is a suggestion for you - if you're not familiar with Steve Chapman's writing, you're in for a potential treat. (If you are already familiar, please feel free to disregard the rest of this comment!)

Though I often disagree with what he writes, he is still one of the finest wordsmiths around, certainly one of the best in the Trib. Here is just one example (from June 2, 2005), regarding Dick Cheney:

"You know that secure, undisclosed location of his? I think we can be sure it's not on this planet."

I'm not sure if links work in this comment box, but assuming they do, you can try to click here for a list of his recent columns.

Excellent stuff. Based upon the preview, it looks like the link is going to work. Enjoy!

Oh, and registration is required, though I'm guessing you already know that, since you're linking in Madigan's online column.

You might also want to check out Eric Zorn's Trib Notebook, his Trib-sponsored weblog.

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