Tuesday, January 29, 2013

These are the times of their discontent

Conor Friedersdorf is concern trolling over the "Obama/Clinton 60 Minutes interview. Young Conor is very sad that 60 Minutes "diminished their brand" when Steve Kroft failed to ask the tough questions.

To be fair, when it aired on Sunday, my twitter stream was full of White House press bitching about the same thing. Why weren't these two being browbeat over policy, forced to answer for every policy misstep -- real or imagined -- over the last five years? A sentiment that was echoed among the crackpot con punditry who feel so betrayed. Why didn't Kroft bring up every wingnut conspiracy theory? Why didn't he demand medical proof of Hillary's concussion? Why wasn't Kroft willing to take the idiot Benghazi hearings to the next level?

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the media conducting tough interviews and demanding answers from our political overlords. But give me a break. This was widely understood to be a goodbye gift to Hillary from Barack, to thank her for the good work she did as SoS. Something that appears to be somewhat unappreciated since she kept such a low profile. It seems people forget how many international crises they dealt with during her tenure.

It was supposed to be a softball interview. And I find it a bit too precious when the same press corps who regularly (without a hint of protest) "report" every half-truth and outright falsehood being spewed into the discourse by Republicans suddenly become so concerned about hard questions. Would be refreshing to see some equal outrage about that.

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