Saturday, January 26, 2013

On to the next big grift - Updated

Breaking my embargo one last time to mark the occasion of Sarah Palin's departure from Fox News. Been so long since I paid any attention to Griftzilla of the Frozen North at all, honestly forgot she was still on the teevee.

I see she's spinning it as having turned down the contract renewal offer. Suspect if Ailes really did offer her a re-up, it was at a vastly reduced rate. Imagine she thinks she can do better as a free agent. Certainly, having taken a quick peek at her fan club, that's their story and they're sticking to it. Why now she can go spew her word salad on all the stations as a guest commentator. Also too, 2016! Not sure whether I find that notion more horrifying or amusing.

Sadly, I doubt that she'll just quietly disappear never to be heard from again. Not as long as there's even one rube left to fleece. Thinking she has a future in late night infomercials. I mean, Roger built her that lovely studio so she's all set to go. [photo via eonline]

Update: Suspicion confirmed. Howard Kurtz has the inside dope. He tells us Fox offered her a "vastly reduced rate" to stay on. Meanwhile Ms. Sarah is reduced to giving an exclusive to the slowly failing Breitbrat empire, advising her door is wide open for new offers. Which are apparently not flooding in. (I'll probably rot in hell for taking too much pleasure in seeing her downfall.)

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