Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republicans new plot to rig the vote

Their best attempts at voter suppression didn't work in 2012, so the GOP came up with a new scam to steal elections:
Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R), who was the chief elections officer when the state experienced massive voting problems in 2004, is planning to lead a national effort to rig the electoral college in favor of the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.
I believe this was supposed to look like a spontaneous uprising in blue states conveniently held at the moment by Republican statehouses, but these two know a great grift when they see one:
Gehrke and Blackwell have been talking to major donors and plan to send a fundraising email to grassroots conservatives early next week. The money would go toward promoting similar plans to apportion electoral votes by congressional district in states across the country, potentially even hiring lobbyists in state capitals.
There's gold in them thar mailing lists folks. All the GOP grifters have been working hard since their trouncing in November to convince the rubes they really are the majority and were robbed -- robbed I tell ya -- at the ballot box by those shiftless inner city voting fraudsters. Now they want to cash in on the discontent.

As a Virginia state senator explained the rural white man's lament, "The last election, constituents were concerned that it didn't matter what they did, that more densely populated areas were going to outvote them."

Apparently in crackpot con world being outvoted is unfair and so unAmerican. Real Murikins don't lose. Ever.

So far there are five states keenly interested in advancing this cheat. Unfortunately, in Michigan Rep. Pete Lund, spilled the GOP's dirty little secret:
"I believe it's more representative of the people — closer to the actual vote," said Lund, who proposed a similar bill in 2012. "It got no traction last year. There were people convinced Romney was going to win and this might take (electoral) votes from him."
So, if you would you please ignore the electoral results accurately reflected the 5 million vote plurality Obama received, rigging the vote would certainly be "more representative" of the GOP's mandate fantasy. And yeah, they built that -- from scratch. And under no circumstances shall we mention Democrats won a plurality of votes nationally that wasn't reflected in the seat allocation on Capitol Hill thanks to shameless GOP gerrymandering of Congressional districts. That's totally fair. As long as they win.

Not clear how far they'll get with this brazen scam. It may be playing well among the crackpots in the statehouses, but the big name national GOPers aren't enthusiastic about this con. Whether they'll be able to shut it down or not is another question. Now that they allowed the crackpots to take over the party, I'm not so sure they can.

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