Saturday, November 10, 2012

Republicans flip on immigration

Well, they didn't do so well on reading the tea leaves before the election, but the GOP is suddenly embracing the reality of the maths after seeing how badly they fared with the Hispanic vote. At least some of them are. Thinking this will be the hill where their personal civil war is decided. Won't be easy for the 27% of their core base to learn to love the all new and inclusive Republican party. Not that I believe for a minute the new believers will mean a single word of what they will eventually say, but this conservative leader sees the GOP's future:
American Conservative Union President Al Cardenas said the fight was necessary, both politically and for good policy.

“There will be a number of outspoken people on the subject but they have to have a plan of their own, conservatives cannot advocate the status quo, it's indefensible,” he said. “For conservatives to say they're not for comprehensive immigration reform is unsustainable.”
They clearly assume no one will remember they also said they were all about jobs, jobs, jobs in 2010 and then didn't do a thing to help create any. Or that they once named a bill that allowed air pollution to increase, "Clear Skies." (Well, okay, I may be the only one that remembers that). But the point is, the GOP has long succeeded by fostering fear and hate of "the other" and creating meaningless slogans that telegraphed exactly the opposite of what they actually planned to do.

It appears they believe their base and the electorate in general are too stupid or too gullible to ever smarten up and catch on to their smoke and mirrors strategy. This past election suggests that strategy is becoming less effective and one hopes will utterly fail in the years to come as the next, more politically savvy generations come into power.

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