Friday, November 09, 2012

Dear White House Press Corps

Whining about not getting an exclusive presser makes you look like a bunch of self-absorbed dilettantes. Especially when you start comparing President Obama to previous presidents.

Far as I can remember no other president in recent history won an election in the midst of a severe natural disaster. There are some 40,000 Americans who are newly homeless and tens of thousands more who are still struggling to survive without heat and electricity. Pretty sure most of the public doesn't give a flying leap that you have to wait five more days before you get to ask more one-sided questions about the fiscal cliff.

And while I'm on that subject, we are not unaware that most of you are making more than 250k annual income. Indeed, some of you are well over that marker. So it makes your fierce interest in the "devastating" impact of raising tax rates a lousy 4% on income over that look a wee bit self-serving.

Note to self: Stop watching the White House briefings. It only pisses you off.

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