Thursday, May 03, 2012

You can never surrender

Meant to get to this sooner. It drives me crazy when Democrats cave into Wingnuttian hysteria. Like the EPA guy who resigned after the trumped up fauxrage over his cruxifiction analogy. Charlie Pierce put it well:
Consider what happened here. This guy said these things two years ago. Nobody said anything, not even the local reporter covering the story. But a career whackaloon like James Inhofe opens his yap and lets the bats fly forth, Fox picks up the stupidity, and the guy resigns. My question is why did Lisa Jackson even care? Why couldn't she simply have said, "Look, goober, we don't have to pay attention every time you decide to gin up the rubes who watch your network, and we don't have to care what Inhofe says, either, because his brain was used as a placemat at Golden Corral 10 years ago. Go sit over there on the Group W bench with the birthers and the UFO guy. We'll get to you some time in 2017." What is the political price to be paid here? Nobody who gets his urethra in a knot over something like this ever is going to support the president anyway. I don't understand it and I never will.
That's the thing. Democrats don't need to surrender to this lunacy. They win nothing by giving it legitimacy with shows of unneccessary remorse. In fact, they lose credibility with their own base by spinelessly cowering in the face of false outrage. Makes no sense.

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