Thursday, May 24, 2012

With Obama you get Clooney

With Romney, you get dinner with The Donald...

Seriously, send in the paramedics because I might die from laughing so hard. Taking a cue from President Obama's "dinner with" fundraisers, Willard is offering up the chance of a lifetime:
"I want you: Dine with the Donald," a campaign flier proclaims, along with a drawing of Trump.

The campaign offers: "Airport transportation in the Trump vehicle; Stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower New York; Tour the Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom; Dine with Donald Trump and Mitt Romney."
And what an enticing poster it is:

But it gets better. Joining this dynamic duo on the campaign trail will be none other than the GOP's own historian, the Newtster. Or as I will forever think of them from now on, The Three Stooges. I guess this means birtherism is the new true conservatism.

Lordy, they make The Three Amigos of 2008 (McCain, Graham and Lieberman) look brilliant in comparison.

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