Friday, March 02, 2012

President Obama wows the crowd in NH

I love it when Charlie Pierce gets optimistic. He gives a rave review for President Obama's speech at a community college in New Hampshire yesterday. I especially liked this part:
If that is the way Obama's going to run, somebody's giving him good advice again. He talks about the challenges Americans face, but he doesn't do it in the gloom-ridden, stalactite-festooned, minor-key funeral mass context that the Republicans talk about them. He talks in terms of "boundless ingenuity" and "unbridled optimism." This is the way Ronald Reagan spoke on the stump in 1980. Sure, Jimmy Carter sent the country to hell in an handbasket but, by god, the work of climbing out of the handbasket was going to be fun. For all the Reagan cargo-cultism of the Republican party, this is the part of the old goober's charm than none of the Republican candidate have yet mastered. It's become an instinct in the president now.
Good to remember Obama moves to his own rhythm, ignoring the cacophonous keening that surrounds him. Read the whole thing, it's a good antidote to the overdose of toxic prattle we're bombarded with from the other side.

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