Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stupid con tricks

Don't know what possessed me to read this tripe, but this idiot con at National Review, Charles C. W. Cooke has a eureka moment. He discovers it's easy to get free condoms. In New York City. Which of course, the pea brained cretin decides is conclusive proof that all this concern about access to contraceptive care for women is so invalid. Because you know condoms are exactly the same as birth control pills.

Meanwhile Edroso finds another conservative genuis who has figured out how to free the poors from the slavery of food assistance dependence. Make it as difficult and as humilating as possible for them to buy food. And it can only be shitty food in ugly packaging and of the lowest quality possible to qualify as sustenance. And it can only be sold in government stores. Because, the producers like him abhor the indignity of having to stand in the cashier lines in real grocery stores and watch these damn poor people burn up his tax dollars on staying alive.

This tirade was born of his allegedly having seen a food stamp recipient with a cell phone that was nicer than his. So of course, they're not even poor anyway. And by the way, if they take food assistance they shouldn't allowed to vote, because they'll just vote to give themselves more free cheese.

Every time I read one of these idiot screeds, I wonder where the hell these people shop. I've seen a lot of people use an EBT card. Sure some few buy soda and candy with them. But more often they're buying a very few essentials and end up desperately digging through their pockets because they're a few cents short of the money they need to pay for the toilet paper that isn't covered. And a whole lot of them are elderly.

I shouldn't read these heartless morons. It makes me wish evil would befall them and they find themselves someday subject to the same deprivations and humiliation they wish on their fellow human beings.

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