Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Just so you know

I don't usually blog about feminist or LGBT issues because there are so many other people out there who cover it so comprehensively already and well, you can't follow everything. Which is not to say I don't read about it, but I don't generally have anything new to add. Also, too, I have three active blogs so it's always a bit of struggle to decide what to post where on the issues about which I have something worth saying.

That being said, yeah for the Ninth Circuit court who ruled against Prop 8 today, sending it on its way to some kind of final determination at SCOTUS. Rooting for equal rights for my LGBT friends. And so long to the odious Karen Handel of Komen for the Cure fame, who resigned today. Can't say I'll be missing her since she's already on the bobblehead circuit whining about her victimization at the hands of us thuggish defenders of poor people in need of reproductive health services. Can't wait for her fifteen minutes to be over.

My blogging is an evolving process. Where it stands lately is I'm mostly posting on the hottest election issues at Detroit News, where I have the best chance of influencing voters who might be swayed to sanity. Been doing Hoekstra this week and GOP primary stuff there generally. My other personal blog, Last One Speaks, had mellowed into a sort of daily correspondence with friends and family about the small doings in my private life. Lately it hasn't even had much of that, since my life isn't that exciting. Post a lot of odd links to weird arty stuff I pick up on my travels around the social nets. It's the place to go if you need a mental health break.

Meanwhile, this blog is becoming my private refuge where I can vent without worrying about being G-rated, dropping the occasional profanity when I'm pissed off, archiving links I'll want again and talking about the issues that don't quite fit in anywhere else. I'd probably be a much more successful blogger if I focused all my energy in one place, but that's just not my style. Never cared about money and status. I've always cut a wide swath through all the social strata, in my offline and online life. Always hung with everyone from street people to millionaires. Slept in palaces and slept on the streets. Love it all.

[More posts daily at the Detroit News.]

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