Saturday, February 04, 2012

It's all a liberal Big Government plot

It's getting to the point where it looks like conservatives invent a new conspiracy theory every day.
Across the country, activists with ties to the Tea Party are railing against all sorts of local and state efforts to control sprawl and conserve energy. They brand government action for things like expanding public transportation routes and preserving open space as part of a United Nations-led conspiracy to deny property rights and herd citizens toward cities.

They are showing up at planning meetings to denounce bike lanes on public streets and smart meters on home appliances — efforts they equate to a big-government blueprint against individual rights.
They're apparently convinced the gummit is going to herd them all into cities, force them to share tiny apartments in filthy tenements, take away their cars and make them ride the bus. Or something. And of course, as this guy notes, it's all the fault of those hippie communist socialists that secretly run the United Nations.
Some may in fact see it as a UN plot, but, then, the UN has been pushing junk science and all sorts of initiatives, most recently “biodiversity” and “sustainability”, as a means to put more control into the hands of government, as well as people’s hard earned money. As Tom Nelson points out:

Is Revkin really sure that Tea Party activisits don’t just see their hard-earned cash being blown on idiotic left-wing bad-weather-preventing projects?
Because, you know, it's their God given right to waste resources and trash the planet if they want to and no damn liberal is going to tell them they can't do it. And besides, it snows in winter and Al Gore is fat, so all this climate change alarmism is just a leftist myth. Fox News and Limbaugh said so, so it's gotta be true.

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