Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I can''t understand, why life goes on the way it does

The internets are insane today. I read this profile, What Every Happened to Ted Turner and thought it was quite good, if a little sad. I've actually been wondering about Ted for a while. It seemed like he just disappeared after being such a visible presence for so many years. Turns out he just got old, deaf and tired of the bullshit. He's devoting his remaining years towards working to make the world a better place and saving the planet.

We all owe Ted a debt of gratitude. He practically invented cable TV. Without his pioneering work, we wouldn't have the wealth of information we now enjoy. Like everything in life, it's a blessing and a curse, but still, without Ted's vision and courage our view of the world would be very narrow indeed.

Just saw that the wingnuts are in a froth about the piece because he made one offhand remark about tea party people being mean spirited. Because you know, spoiled, self-entitled, greedy sociopaths who want to humiliate poor people and make them suffer, deny women vital health care services they don't need themselves and want anyone who disagrees with them to die are really very nice people.

Meanwhile, the twitter tells me Snooki is procreating and Bristol Palin has a new reality show. I find it disturbing I know who both of these people are. Makes me almost wish that meteor that just missed us, hadn't missed.

Post title inspired by this song that just played on the sountrack to some show on the TV.

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