Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anne Romney speaks and other oddities

Slow news cycle. This was the most amusing story all weekend. Anne Romney is tired of listening to Willard:
"I also decided no more debates," she said, as her husband stood next to her. "If we're going to do another debate, he's going to just sit in the audience and watch me."
Word has it she's a much speaker than he is. Admittedly a low bar.

And a few fun links for your Sunday morning amusement.

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Was shocked to get 80% on this short quiz, since I know nothing at all about heavy metal or Megadeath. Apparently I spend too much time listening to Santorum. It's one of those "who said it" quizzes. Little Ricky or Megadeath guy.

Gorgeous graphics in these vintage science ads.

Loved these paper lanterns.

And I'm sure I posted this a very long time ago, but since I'm at the beach and it's one of my favorites, revisiting closeups of gorgeous sand.

And with that I'm off to the beach myself. Will return after dark.

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