Saturday, September 10, 2011

Begging the question

So apparently no amount of coffee is going to crack this exhaustion and I need to go out and buy some food. Everything in my fridge is dead at the moment. But here's a quick post on job incentives.

Haven't had the energy to watch Obama's job speech yet, but the good news seems to be at least unemployment is now the reigning topic of conversation among the politerati. From all indications, it was well received, except by the usual suspects. On the con side, and by that I mean conservatives and insane GOPers, the word is tax incentives for hiring don't mean jack to the big corporations. That of course is true. They need demand to improve before they're going to use those trillions in profits they're sitting on to do any expansions. In the interim, they're happy to use tax incentives for captial improvements that allow them to fire more workers.

However, for actual small business, ones who toughed it out during the height of the recession and didn't fire their people? Well, some of them of them are doing well and willing to expand but the big banksters won't extend them any credit to help them grow their businesses faster.

Read the link. You have one guy who's a perfectly good credit risk and is only asking for 50K and can't get a big bank to front him that little bit of cash. Then there's another couple with a great business plan, proven track record and the ability to pay off a 500K loan in less than a year from a seperate source of income. Every major bank turned them down. It was finally a small community bank that was willing to take a chance on their business. That little bank probably didn't get bailed out. Guessing they might not have even needed a bailout because they didn't gamble on derivatives. Another reason to take your money out of the Big Banks and give it to bankers who understand their function in society.

Meanwhile, the Banksters are using the crisis they're doing everything they can to keep going in order to push their ideological agenda on their so-called regulatory burdens. Atrios isn't the first person I've seen mention this, but as always he puts it so well. To paraphrase, would it too much for our media to stop simply reporting that rhetoric and actually ask these guys which specific regulations are holding back their job creation? That would be actually be -- you know -- useful to the discussion.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Jesus - which specific regulations? Why that's a gotcha question if I ever heard one.

Be fair and stick to vague generalities and repetitions of dogma.

9:43:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

And of course, they will ask Obama what these guys are thinking and how on earth will he live with their disapproval.

10:38:00 AM  

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