Friday, June 10, 2011

Fired up in Florida

Becomes more clear every day that the Republicans' overreach is backfiring on them. I knew the Florida progressives were organizing various protests and outreach efforts, but I missed this local Florida election outcome:
Last month, Alvin Brown's upset victory over Tea Party favorite Mike Hogan in the Jacksonville mayor's race sent shock waves through some corridors of the RPOF, as Brown became the first Democrat to lead that city in 20 years.

Brown's pollster, Dave Beattie, told the Jacksonville Times-Union that their camp was thrilled when the governor endorsed Hogan. "Barack Obama is actually viewed more positively in Duval County than Rick Scott."
The GOPers have to know all this bullying through of their far fringe right agenda is hurting them at the polls. They obviously don't care since they don't even try to be coy about it. Figuring their plan is to just get as much codified as quickly as possible and damn what the people want. That way even if they lose in the next rounds, their morass of odious new laws will hamstring incoming administrations for a good long time. And of course everything they set in place sabotages economic recovery. As the saying goes: a feature, not a bug. [graphic via]

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