Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tea Party: Don't blame us

The biggest Tea Party group organized a rally in DC today. About 200 hapless diehards gathered on the lawn, with the media adding to the "throng" at about one for every two protesters. They want Amurka to know, nothing is the Tea Party's fault:
“If it does shut down, just remember: It’s the government’s fault. It’s Congress’s fault,” said Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, the rally organizer.
And by Congress, she means Democrats. Meanwhile the tens of protesters chanted, “Cut it or shut it” and “We want less.” There were also repeated demands from the assembled "to defund the healthcare law, Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio."

Dave Weigel posts the seminal photo of the occasion. Hear Fox covered it live, excusing the pathetic turnout on the weather. But that's what they said about the tens of thousands that spent weeks demonstrating for workers rights in front of the Wisconsin statehouse during blizzards and sub-zero weather. Oh wait...

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