Sunday, January 02, 2011

Actually, that's exactly what they expect...

Apparently convinced they, and they alone, are the voice of all Americans, Tea Party voters are angry at DC pols on both sides for failing to hew to their express desires. They're pissed off about all that stuff that got passed in the lame duck session and the stuff that didn't, like permanent elimination of the estate tax.

Of course, that's no surprise. But quote of the day comes from Mike Lee, senator-elect from Utah, who, with Tea Party support, ousted long term incumbent Republican Robert F. Bennett. He had this to say about meeting their expectations.
“This changes by degrees,” Mr. Lee said. “As long as you have a Democratic president and a Democratic-controlled Senate, I don’t think there are many people who are expecting that the government’s going to be transformed overnight into something in the image of the Tea Party. That would be delusional.”
Yes it would be, but unfortunately for Mr. Lee, that's exactly what the Tea Party faithful expect. We're talking about people who shut down the servers, in their haste to give money to the "poor" CoC because Glenn Beck told them they should do it. And Lee used Democratic instead of the usual, juvenile pseudo-slur Democrat in his remarks? I like him for doing that but I'm never going to vote for him. Thinking one term Senator...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Apparently convinced they, and they alone, are the voice of all Americans"

No different from your take on Democrats and the liberal agenda, which you want to see rammed down our collective throats. As one of the worlds foremost hypocrites, I find your indignation laughable. Then again, I find 99.9999% of what you blog as laughable.

11:27:00 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Hell, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were crammed down the same narrow throats of conservatives. The end of slavery, the vote for women, the vote for minorities, the right for Chinese people to become legal residents, the right to marry between races, the right to live where one pleases, to eat in the same restaurants, use public transportation, sleep in the same hotels and go to the same schools as the self-appointed conservative trailer trash elite.

Sure it was forced down your throats. For better or worse Obama was elected simply because a large majority was sick of Republicans and their throats. You're a minority and you always have been and in the end, you always lose.

11:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear that I'm not in the minority based on the last election. As for your statement that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were crammed down the throats of conservatives, that doesn't hold up to historical examination.

I'll take trailer trash over the scum that one finds in Democrat strongholds like Detroit or Newark or any of the other derelict cities dominated by liberals. Why don't you come and hang out with them?

10:18:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

"I'll take trailer trash over the scum that one finds in Democrat strongholds like Detroit or Newark or any of the other derelict cities dominated by liberals."

Apparently you will and your historical examination seems as filtered as your other perceptions. If you insist that the last mid term election signals a swing in public sentiment because in a few states, 55% of the 30% who vote unseated some Democrats, you're ignoring that trend in midterm elections that affects Republican presidents.

I'm originally from Chicago - dominated by Democrats and somewhat more functional and vastly more prosperous than Detroit, so I'm not inclined to favor your selected examples as a complete or honest picture. The facts suggest other reasons for Detroit's decline that can't be so glibly and fallaciously pinned on some ideosyncratic definition of "liberals."

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler aren't "Liberals" and they made some bad decisions over the years and of course, Americans love their Japanese toys. No,the corrupt and greedy UAW - and it's voting members - bear blame as does a country that can't compete against countries with a national health care system, but you don't want to hear the details, do you. Too easy to take the cheap way and let the GOP put words in your mouth.

But anyway, I've had enough of the scapegoating and opinionizing -- and more than enough of the blind, brain sucking and angry self pity. At the bottom of it I just really don't care to argue at this childish level.

10:12:00 AM  

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