Thursday, May 13, 2010

A pox on both their houses

This idiotic editorial in WaPo is getting some attention today. Following the mandated template that the establishment media can't criticize Republicans without drawing a parallel to the Democrats, even if it's bogus, it addresses the ongoing purge going on within the GOP via Tea Party purity tests.

Steve Benen has it covered, so I'll just reiterate that purging Bennett in Utah for failing to conform 100% to the Tea Party demands for ideological lockstep is not really the same as challenging Blanche Lincoln for repeatedly thwarting the Democratic platform in order to please her corporate benefactors. It's not like Lincoln just made a couple of disfavored votes or that the votes she cast were actually in furtherance of good governance. She was effectively almost a member of the opposing party. And as Steve points out, if we were really doing a purge there would have been a whole lot more Blue Dogs targeted and more support for progressive candidates instead of the usual machine picked centrists.

Hell, I only wish we could have a good purge on our side but Democrats mostly kick their progressive dissenters to the curb, they don't pander to them as the GOPers do to the tea party extremists.

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