Saturday, April 03, 2010

CNN pumps up tea party

Apparently, CNN is trying to become the new Fox *News* or maybe they're trying to become the new Politico with this sort of Drudge baiting. Under the header, Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party, they post a weak story about two, yes count them two, disaffected Democrats they found at a rally in Colorado. The piece implies that this makes the tea party a truly cross section of America. Can't fail to notice they didn't mention any huge turnout for the rally which is probably why they could find the two Dems.

What CNN also fails to mention is they have a vested interest in promoting the tea party *movement*. CNN has a reporter currently embedded on the astroturfing Tea Party Express bus and the studio anchor is just dying to get on the bus for a couple of days himself. Without this kind of pimping by the tradmed, the tea parties would have deadended by now. Disgraceful. No wonder CNN is dying.

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