Thursday, January 07, 2010

Idle Thought

Politics is the gateway drug to cynicism.

I just can't deal with the *news* today. I looked at Memeorandum and the top three new stories were:
Michael J. Totten:
An Interview with Christopher Hitchens, Part I Find

10 minutes agoChris Cillizza / The Fix:
Tumultuous Tuesday: Winners and Losers Find

15 minutes agoBen Smith / Ben Smith's Blog:
Palin's first 2012 event — The Southern Republican Leadership … Find

15 minutes agoThe Cook Political Report:
The rest of the stories were 90% horserace, process, polls or gossip. The only news is the idiot NJ Senate killed the gay marriage bill and our President made a good speech about the UndieBomber. Shorter version: Chill. I got this.

I believe he does, as much as anybody can.
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