Sunday, December 20, 2009

Really Sick of Health Care Reform

So theoretically, we have a Senate Health Care Reform bill that has the votes to pass. Unsurprisingly, it pretty much sucks. A lot of the good provisions got eliminated and a too much bad stuff got added in. In other words, business as usual in the broken Senate. The agitation on the internets has calmed down a bit more, but still there's some angry liberals out there demanding we do something about this travesty. Still don't get the agitation. I mean didn't we all predict this outcome from the beginning?

I got sucked into a ridiculous argument about it over at Balloon Juice in a couple of threads, but I don't want to argue about it anymore. Killing the bill is simply out of the question for me unless somebody can give me a compelling reason why we should hand the GOPers what they've been working for since day one. Meaning, what do we win, if we kill it? My feeling is let the sucker pass and then keep fighting like hell to make it better in committee. And if we still end up with the proverbial shit sandwich, I'm still going to say, let it pass and then fight like hell for a new and better bill to supplant it. In the interim, we will have passed something. Even if it's only symbolic, optics matter in our ridiculous political discourse.

If the naysayers think they can get a better bill later, I suggest they elect some better Dems in 2010 to make it possible. By that I mean, if progressives/liberals were really a majority, then how did all these Blue Dogs get elected in the first place? And that's where I am right now. If others have different opinions, I respect that and I expect them to respect mine. At some point when everybody is ready to work together again to elect better candidates, give me a call. I'm on the team.

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