Monday, October 05, 2009

Read and recommended

Trying to clear out the hold files here. These I've read. They're are all worth a look and don't require a lot of commentary.

A lot of tweets for Paul Krugman's op-ed this morning. Most are quoting his "bratty modern conservative movement" remark but I blogged his quote on the GOP at DetNews today.

Good Frank Rich oped from yesterday on lobbyists and the promise to change business as usual.

This one is long and complicated but worth reading if you want to see who is behind the new Swiftboat Network.

This one is truly bizarre. Bachmann is helping raise funds for a Christian Punk Ministry that are being paid partly with tax dollars for appearing in schools. Controversy arising about their stealth mission to convert kids to Christianity.

Via matttbastard it's sad to see the Dalai Lama being snubbed, not just in Canada but by Obama as well, apparently in order to placate China.

Mark Knoller tells us: "Obama wants Congress to be consulted about Afghanistan. WH says Natl Security Advisor Jim Jones will brief all US Senators." What a concept. Actually informing the legislative branch on policy.

Mark also tells us the Obamas celelbrated their 17th wedding anniversary with dinner out at a DC restaurant, Blueduck Tavern, this weekend.

And via Erin O'Brien, 100 greatest youtube hits in under 4 mins. Some of the accidental stuff makes me wince more than laugh, but it was a cute mash-up.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Krugman gets beyond making nice, leaves no doubt where the wingers have taken what used to be there republican party, it's all about the trough and they've sold outthe country. hmmm, guess that makes him officially on the side of those librul facts.

2:31:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Ruth. I think he's officially become a shrill DFH. Glad to have him on our side.

6:45:00 PM  

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