Monday, September 28, 2009

Dan Riehl is a vile idiot

Taking the right wing smear machine to a new low, Dan Riehl joins into the ongoing wingnut campaign to avoid making the connection between the over the top bleating about the census among his compatriots and the murder of census worker Bill Sparkman. And no, I'm not linking to his toxic cesspool of a blog, although I did just leave a comment there. If you must see it for yourself, go through Larissa's post.

To summarize his idiotic blathering, fancying himself a "crime reporter" he speculates that Sparkman was murdered for being a pedophile, apparently based on nothing but his own bizarre fantasies about sex crimes. He posits that since "we don't know" whether Sparkman was single, or had any kids himself while being a Boy Scout leader, that the "evidence" would suggest this is a possibility. He also says Sparkman didn't have a college degree.

Of course our ace sleuth doesn't seem to know how to use "teh google." Sparkman's college bio is on line. I posted the link hours after the discovery of his body, which I got on twitter from HoneyBearKelly. Indulge me while I quote from it.
Bill Sparkman's education story is one of thoughtful parental involvement for his son and for himself, personal fortitude in the face of very difficult circumstances, including very serious personal illness. He thought of it as volunteering in his son's classroom. He never imagined it would lead to a career change. Bill began his career path as a sports editor for the Mulberry Press and through various jobs thereafter, it landed him in London, Kentucky, just as his son was entering elementary school. [...]

Bill was making great progress when a life-threatening brick wall popped up. A cyst had formed on the right side of his neck and it was found to be non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Refusing to let that get in his way, he persevered. He began the necessary medical treatment and continued to do his student teaching. ...[...]

Bill graduated from WGU in December 2007 with his bachelor's degree in mathematics education. With warnings from his doctor about traveling by plane, Bill attended the actual graduation ceremony in February 2008 in an alternative way-—by driving all the way across the country to Salt Lake City to attend in person to receive the diploma he worked so hard to earn. While Bill is waiting for a math teacher position to open, he is substitute teaching in various school districts in London, Kentucky.
Maybe Riehl should use his super sleuthing skills to investigate himself, for criminally negligent blogging.

Update: Rumproast finds more delusional speculation among the wingnut outlets and says after the shitstorm of criticism his post got, Riehl just twittered the whole post was a joke to "piss off liberals." Ha! Ha! Brutal murders and pedophile jokes are so funny.

Of course, what's really sick about it, is the wingnuts will no doubt really think it's funny. If there really is a God that can do all that hellfire and brimstone stuff, I wouldn't blame him for exploding this cursed planet. Don't know how else you can get rid of these vermin. They keep breeding.

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