Friday, August 21, 2009

Throw a great barbecue...

And apparently the major media will eat out of your hand forever.

Just in case you've been missing President McCain in the last 3 hours that he has been missing from your TV, he will once again be on the Sunday morning bobbleheads. You have to wonder why he's become a permanent fixture. As Steven Benen points out, McCain is of no particular consequence on The Hill these days. He doesn't chair any important committees. He hasn't introduced any major legislation. He's not a pivotal vote on the floor. He's not even a Maverick anymore. His recent voting record is one of the best GOP rubberstamps inside the Beltway.

The only possible interesting thing George Stephanopoulos could ask McCain about is this tweet from five days before Libya welcomed the Lockerbie bomber home with a hero's welcome.
Late evening with Col. Qadhafi at his "ranch" in Libya - interesting meeting with an interesting man.
Maybe George could ask him what interesting things they talked about while McCain was off conducting a foreign policy tour instead of staying here and dealing with our domestic issues. Sometimes I wonder if McCain remembers he lost the election, but I suppose you can't criticize him too much. The media still treats him like a winner. Maybe he didn't notice the election is over.

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