Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday slacker blogging

The internal clock reset is not going well. Couldn't fall asleep until 4:00a.m. and a cloudy morning made it much too easy to sleep in. At this point I'm hoping to just readjust by skipping a sleep cycle altogether. Anyway, in the interim, here's a few links to what's worth reading on the internets today.

My personal favorite is this post by aimai who runs into Joe Klein at a barbecue and roasts him over the coals of reality. Revenge is sweet, even when lived vicariously.

Loving that Froomkin is back. He posts another good take on why passing any old kind of reform bill just to chalk up a perceived win for the Dems isn't going to sit well with the people who voted for real change.

This video of Rep. Anthony Weiner on Joe Scarborough's show is getting rave reviews around the toobz. Great defense of the public option.

Power to the people. Bloggasm tells us that the video of Barney Frank taking down the Hitler woman at his town hall garnered over a million views and the majority of them were driven not by the big blogs or media outlets but instead by social media sharing. Wondering how long before the "professional" journalists start blaming Facebook and Twitter for destroying their industry.

And it's been much too long since I linked to my blogroll. I couldn't pick out just one post anywhere. I encourage you to start at the top and keep scrolling at Swashzone, Newshoggers, The Reaction and Cosa Nostradamus where they've been much more productive than me.

Oh, and I keep promising to pitch this blog. Tome of the Unknown Writer is collecting health care stories, both pro and con for reform. If you don't have a blog and want to publish your story or stance, that's the place to go to get it on the internets.

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