Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rush or feint?

I don't know him personally, but to the extent that I know him through his work, I have a lot of respect for Peter Daou. However, I think he's wrong about Rush. And I say this as someone who was complaining years ago that we were empowering the Wingosphere by linking to them too much.

I have to agree with Sean. Rush is not like Malkin or the other shining lights of fringe right nirvana. Limbaugh's reach is outside of the internets and he clearly commands attention inside the media Villagers circle with or without our criticism. He probably has a million fans among a demographic who still don't know what the word blog means.

And I agree with Steve M that forcing Rush's hand is a good strategy. We want every indivdual Republican to have to go on public record as agreeing or disagreeing with Rush's stated goal of seeing Obama's economic agenda fail. Every time a Republican disagrees, Rush will have to double down on the crazy. It will solidify their base, but that demo is shrinking and it will alienate moderate Indys. By all means, let's make him the face of the new Ugly American.

I do agree with Peter on one thing though. We ignore Rove at our own peril. He's been rather quiet lately and that's never a good sign. He's always hatching some evil plot.

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