Thursday, January 15, 2009

No room at the table for Palin

President Obama is holding a series of dinners to honor bipartisan champions as part of the festivities for inaugural week. Honorees include Joe Biden, Colin Powell, and John McCain. Notably missing from the McCain guest list is Sarah Palin. John will be introduced by his BFF Linsday Graham.

It's not clear whether she was even invited. I'm guessing if she wasn't, it was by McCain's request. After that last interview I saw, I can't imagine their chilly post-election relations have warmed up very much. I also can't fail to notice that the third Musketeer, Joe Lieberman hasn't been mentioned either. I wonder if he's on the guest list?

The local perspective is at Progressive Alaska and be sure to follow the link to Celtic Diva at that post. It seems our Sarah is playing politics with the stimulus funding and couching her rhetoric with an eye towards the lower 48 at the expense of her own constiutents. They're not happy about it.

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