Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eating with the enemy - Updated

I would have loved to listen to the cocktail chatter at this dinner party. Obama dined at the home of George Will last night. Joining the president elect and the darling of the conservative punditry, were leading wingnuts William "Kracked" Kristol and the self-professed voice of the people, David "BoBo" Brooks. [Addendum: Latest report also has chief White House water carrier Charles Krauthammer on the guest list.] One wonders how Obama could choke down any food in that nauseating company.

In any event, all those crazed cons who were screaming for months before the election that Obama has no record of reaching across the aisle should be forced to eat their idiotic complaints, and that includes the three four who were in attendance.

By the way, if you search for David Brooks idiot you get 124,000 hits. [via]

Update: Expanded guest list. Gah.

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