Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Media bytes - Festivus edition

Festivus is the new Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or should I say it's the new official holiday for the FSM? Air you grievances in comments if you've got them.

I've lived in lots of places that embraced the philosophy, the Good Lord put it there and the Good Lord will take it away. In the meantime, you're on your own.

The music industry executives are stupid. Suing people for listening to their music and pulling videos that promote their artists from YouTube is not a good business model.

No surprise here. In bad times, petty property crime goes up.

The top ten most inane pundit commentaries. My grievance is the list is too short.

Funny. Palin is convinced her biggest problem in 08 was that she wasn't allowed to speak to the press enough. Maybe she didn't notice that her favorables went down the more she appeared on air. Of course, it all may have turned out differently if she gave her BFF at Fox, Greta von Susteren, sole access.

Meanwhile, any guesses on who will win the last minute pardons sweepstakes? TP's are good. I'd add Gonzales, Rove and Cheney to the pre-emptive list.

And finally, it's not media bytes without the eye candy. No doubt about it, our new President is buff. Oddly, open-minded as I am, I'm vaguely uncomfortable about seeing him half-naked.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure this is a grievance, but I'll let it out of the cage and see if it hops around a little.

See, I am trying to thin out my possessions in anticipation of moving to a much smaller lair. My current apartment isn't big, but anyone of a certain age knows how easy it is to accumulate unholy amounts of stuff.

So over the months I've been donating clothes and small items. My usual donating site is my local food bank thrift store. I've gotten rid of a lot of clothing as well as portable household items.

But then it came time to get rid of this huge bureau that I acquired when the people upstairs moved to Napa. They left when their daughter was three, and now she's at UCLA. But this thing is big and heavy and can contain multitudes. I tried to see if it was worth anything especially, and determined that it was probably an item mass-produced during the Depression (the last one). It's real solid and well-built, but nothing special, and marred by a cheap lacquer veneer.

There's also a matching bed-side table. There are brass findings, and tongue-in-groove whatsits. Unfortunately, I am not a person who can advertise something for sale or giveaway on craigslist or whatever. Can't do it. This thing has been sitting in my front room, all empty, for a month.

But the Food Bank didn't want it, because it doesn't come with a mirror. I checked around other places, and nobody wanted it, or it wasn't on their wish lists. So I called the Salvation Army, and the guys with the truck came out today and very nearly refused to take it. They said they doubted it would sell on account of some scrapes on the top veneer. I pleaded with them: "That's why God invented doilies!" They shrugged and said that it either goes straight to the showroom or straight to the dump. Then they took mercy on me and carted it away anyway.

Now I feel like I betrayed my bureau. It held my clothes so stolidly for so long, and would have been happy to continue doing so for someone else, but I let them take it away to the dump. It's December, and it's cold and dark at the dump. I am sorry, bureau. Blessed be your memory, and may you find wings to the Showroom.

Maybe some Salvation Army worker will nab it. I hope so. Another thing? None of my other stuff is of any better quality. The Salvation Army doesn't want my earthly possessions. That's a tad embarrassing.

9:31:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Off topic: but....

Greetings Libby, just stoppingg by one of my old haunts to wish you a very happy holiday, and here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009.

Warm regards,


7:00:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Oh Larkspur. How well I remember my move here after living for almost 15 years in the same small apartment. It had basement storage and it was astounding to see how much stuff I accumulated. I feel for your bureau too, but I bet somebody took it. Maybe even rescued it from the dump if it really went there. Let's imagine it safe and warm in a new home, happily holding the treasures of some other three year old.

Hey John. Nice to see you and thanks for the holiday wishes. I haven't been around myself yet, but you were certainly on my list for the same. All the best to you and yours on Christmas in the coming year.

12:01:00 PM  

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