Friday, November 07, 2008

Yes, That One! (Updated)

I just watched President-elect Obama's first presser. I can't believe I'm still finding myself teary-eyed with relief all these days later. It all still has a sort of surreal quality to it. I'm almost afraid to believe it's really true. We have a real leader. Everyone I spoke to felt the same way. It's crazy that our country sank so low that something so simple as intelligent, non-evasive answers to media questions can bowl us over.

I had almost forgotten what it's like to want to listen to what the president has to say. I'm not the only one. To have a president who says something worth listening to. To have a president who doesn't swagger and dissemble but rather answers questions straightforwardly and speaks thoughtfully. Who uses serious language and speaks in complete sentences.

I know I just said this morning that we need to get to work and start pushing our new president towards the left but I'm guess I'm not ready to criticize him too much yet. I listened to this presser and was sorry when it was over. I'm feeling like I'm witnessing a great leader and all I want to do is go out on the streets and shout, "Guess what? I'm proud of my President again."

Update: Here's the transcript. I'll post the YouTube if one becomes available.


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