Friday, November 07, 2008

Wingnuttia gone wild

The 'great thinkers' of the 101st Keyboard Commando Squad are pissed off about the long knives campaign going on against Sarah Palin among the 'intellectual elistist' insiders of the McCain campaign. Over at Wingnut HQ, they've launched Operation Leper to ideologically cleanse the impure disloyalists from their ranks.
RedState is pleased to announce it is engaging in a special project: Operation Leper. We’re tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin to Carl Cameron and others. Michelle Malkin has the details.

We intend to constantly remind the base about these people, monitor who they are working for, and, when 2012 rolls around, see which candidates hire them. Naturally then, you’ll see us go to war against those candidates.
So far, Steve Schmit, Mike Murphy, and Nichole Wallace are all on the leper list.
I would love to launch my own all out snark attack on this one, but James Wolcott has already posted the ultimate response so just go over and read him. Be sure to also click on his link to TBogg whose additions to the narrative are simply priceless.

[More posts daily at The Newshoggers and The Detroit News.]

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Blogger danps said...

The recriminations are pretty amusing for now, but really it would be nice if the right would just get its collective head screwed on straight again and started acting like a responsible movement. Unfortunately I think they'll need to spend some time eating the bitter fruits of their harvest before they realize nothing less than a wholesale repudiation of their philosophy the last eight+ years will do.

2:03:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I completely agree Dan. I'm don't want to see the GOP destroyed, as many seem to want, I just want them to restore their party back to some semblence of sanity and take it back from the extremists that hijacked it.

I have no desire to see a one party system. The duopoly is bad enough.

2:47:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I'd like to see them split into two parties: conservatives and the stupidity worshiping, hate mongering Jesus freaks. Neither really likes the other anyway.

Right - whispering smears. It should be shouting condemnation of the bastards who had the gall to push an incompetent, unbalanced,superstitious, dishonest, imbecile with an ego the size of Alaska on a nation that has rarely needed intelligent,informed, competent leadership as much as it does now.

It's obvious that these dirtbags value loyalty to the junta alone and have no regard for loyalty to the country. Who cares about their party - if it had any legitimate reason to exist it would have sent these traitors to Guantanamo long ago.

9:38:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Much as it worries me to see the Dems get too powerful, one party rule really isn't such a good thing, I do think this is the best thing to happen to the GOP and I hope the final shakeout will be that the nutcakes are permanently marginalized and sent back to spew their hate on streetcorners where they belong.

12:04:00 PM  

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