Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fast takes

Just a few quick links to items I don't have much to say about but are worth reading. I liked this video. November 18, 2008 in 100 seconds.

I think Kathleen Parker is becoming addicted to hate mail. I mean, she's just asking for it.

­This looks like it rises above pure speculation. It appears Tom Daschle will be Secretary of Health and Human Services. I never really liked the guy myself, but it would seem to bode well for progress on health care reform. Daschle did really "write the book" on it and his proposals are rather good.

In related news, Rahm Emanuel's challenge to the corporate stuffed shirts also signals that Obama is serious about health care reform. Can't come too soon for me.

And for the record, since I'm responding to rumors today, I think Hillary Clinton would make a great SoS but I don't think the media maelstrom would be worth it. As amusing at it might be to watch the wingnuts' heads explode from terminal CDS, the media elite suffer from an equal inability to report on the Clintons objectively and it would be too distracting.

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