Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple*

Busy afternoon, so here are links that are worth reading and archiving to amuse you until later tonight.

Love this story about Barack going door to door in Ohio.

NTodd on Obama's latest economic proposals, summarizing the full text of Obama's speech yesterday in Ohio.

Steve Benen on McCain's proposal to freeze spending. Everybody kind of assumed McCain was just throwing that out while he's flailing around trying to find a message, but he's repeated it often enough now to give it some serious analysis, which Benen reliably provides.

The McCain campaign promises they're saving their best slime for the last ten days before the election. Young Matt has the ACORN faketroversy covered and EJ Dionne is as disgusted by the low road tactics as most of us are.

Small wonder Christopher Hitchens is latest neo-con rat to jump off the sinking ship, hand in hand with Krazy Kristol.

The ongoing defections might explain why it was a such slow day at the Students for McCain table. [h/t Holden]

Meanwhile, Palin may be sorry if she continues to flog Obama's "Wright problem." People who live in glass churches shouldn't throw stones. Also, what is the deal with Gam-i-vision? Watertiger must have a dozen of these shots.

I really think we could all use some Palinex about now. [h/t Avedon]

As to why anybody still listens to cretins like Krisol and Hitchens, Matt Taibbi nailed it a couple of days ago.
Because this generation of Americans has become so steeped in greed and social Darwinism that it can no longer distinguish between cheating and achieving, between enterprise and crime, and can’t bring itself to criticize winners any more than it knows how to be nice to losers.
Glenzilla is the must read companion piece to Taibbi.

Finally, this is one reason why I've never once called him Mr. President.

*blog title by Dr Seuss

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